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Let us "play" you a good time!

Breakline is a trio of friends that have been playing together for more than 10 years & acoustic swing music is their jam!

Breakline started as three friends "kitchen pickin" and traveling to music festivals. With the talent of a great guitarist, the vocals of a lovely lady, and the work of an outstanding bass man, this band will swing your socks off! Playing traditional favorites as well as bringing to the stage old songs from the 20's and 30's this group is sure to play a song you know and will love!

Mike Hipp

Mike plays guitar and sings. He often tells Jerri and Kurt he's just the "guitar player and bus driver", but without his excellent rhythm we would be lost. His love for new chords and music theory has kept Kurt and Jerri on their toes! Mike truly keeps us grounded and lets us fly!  

Jerri Hipp

 Jerri plays mandolin and sings. Her harmonies are beautiful & she loves uplifting others through their music. She brings an aura of sunshine wherever she goes & many say she's so easy to talk to.

Music has been an important part of her & her husband Mike's life for many years & they love sharing it with others.

Kurt Hickman

Kurt Hickman is an exceptionally talented bass player. He also sings great harmony, and once in a while we can get him to sing a song solo! Kurt's music background comes from playing bass in his Dad's bluegrass band, which then became his band for many years after. It's truly been a life-long love of music for him.


We've played all kinds of venues, and our listeners can tell that we love making music together.

Breakline is so much fun to listen to and we always have a great time. Mike, Jerri & Kurt are awesome!




Thumbs up to one of my favorite bands. Your music is always a pleasant surprise & so enjoyable to listen to.


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